Food For Health Gluten Free Muesli

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Food for health's Gluten Free Muesli was created to make life that little bit easier for people with gluten intolerance, and also for people who simply like to make healthier eating choices.
Packed full of yummy cranberries, apples and whole grains like amaranth, rice bran and buckwheat, it is a perfect way to start your day! 

So what is amaranth you may ask? Amaranth is an Aztec ancient grain that has a really high protein ratio. Amaranth has 30% more protein than rice, is high in magnesium and also high in the antioxidant selenium.


Puffed Rice, Rice Bran (Rice Flour, Rice Bran, Prune Juice ), Honey, Cranberries (8%), Buckwheat, Currants, Sunflower Kernels, Linseed, Amaranth, Sultanas, Apricots, Pepitas, Apple, Sunflower Oil. 

All ingredients are GMO free.

ALLERGEN ADVICE: This product may contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seed & soy due to shared equipment.


Servings: 10


Top Consumer Reviews

Love it
Love the Food for Health Gluten Free Muesli with Cranberries on my lactose free Vaalia yoghurt everyday! Makes allergies and intolerances almost a breeze 

- Claudette Harrison

Gluten Free Muesli
Not often you can find both delicious and healthy musli like this!!

- Kay Abdullayeva

I just never could manage muesli until your range. AMAZING. And the fruit free bars........BLISS..

- Sebnem Alsin