About Us

The Allergy Friendly Foods founder created the business in March 2005 after her son Tim was diagnosed with Autism Spectre Disorder.

After spending a long time researching the many treatment options and therapies, one of the first things she did was implement a Gluten Free/Casein Free diet and had him tested for food allergies. She was amazed to find Tim was allergic to HEAPS of foods – dairy, gluten, soy, rice, corn and almond to name a few. At the time, this left them completely stuck for a milk alternative.

She placed an order for Vance’s DariFree from the USA, since it was not available in Australia, it arrived (at a considerable postage cost) a few weeks later and was a complete lifesaver. She could now bake, make Tim smoothies and give him milk on cereal, just like a "normal" kid.

As the product was not available here, she set about becoming their Australian distributor to make it available to the many other kids in Australia like Tim and their frustrated mums who are looking for safe alternatives that taste good.

Since then Allergy Friendly Foods have expanded our range and are proud to represent some of the leading allergy friendly brands available  - Vance's FoodsEnjoy Life FoodsSurf SweetsLove Cake Moo Free.

We take joy in providing safe and natural allergen free food that you and your family can enjoy and we are constantly on the lookout for products that fit our strict guidelines.

Whether you’re Coeliac, following dietary intervention for Autism or ADD, have food allergies or intolerances, are Vegan, Kosher or suffer from PKU & reflux problems, you’re are in the right place. We’re confident you’ll find something delicious here and we believe what you eat is important and with the right diet, our bodies can do amazing things.