Conscious Chocolate

Conscious Chocolate was born in the humble kitchen of Emma Jackman who set out to make a healthy yet heavenly treat for her little girl. A delicious range of vegan chocolate bars, handmade with the finest ethically sourced, raw and organic ingredients. All Conscious chocolates are lovingly handmade in East Sussex, England and enjoyed all over the world.

Why we love Conscious Chocolate

Finally, a chocolate that everyone can enjoy! This delicious, extensive range is suitable for most people's dietary requirements. Whether you're vegan, diabetic, dairy or gluten intolerant, now anyone can have a piece (or two, or a block) of scrumptious Conscious Chocolate!

You must try

Conscious Chocolate Goji & Coconut is packed with organic goji berries (10%), crunchy coconut chips (6%) and filled with quality, raw Equadorian cacao (70%) for a deliciously satisfying, antioxidant-rich chocolate treat.