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New Baking Range!

New Baking Range

It's baking time and at Allergy Friendly Foods we have extended our baking range. Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked bread or cake? Especially when they are Allergy Friendly and the whole family can enjoy them!

Introducing a delicious pancake mix from Naked Seeds which brings a healthy breakfast to life with a flavoursome combination of cacao and coconut. An easy to make mix and Allergy Friendly. 

Allergy Friendly Foods has added to the range of the popular Well & Good products; two bread mixes, plain flour, pastry flour and a scrumptious Swiss roll mix. 

We have introduced gluten free baking powder and guar gum from NatureFirst for all your creative baking needs. 

Also from NatureFirst we have two new sugar substitutes; brown rice syrup and rapdura sugar. Brown rice syrup is an alternative to sugar and honey, as it is fructose free, gluten free, vegan and made from rice. Rapdura Sugar is an unrefined cane sugar that is not highly processed, refined or bleached. It is dried at low temperatures to retain vitamins and minerals.

Baking Range

View our full Baking Range here. 

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