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New Love Cake Savoury Mixes and Egg Substitute

We are thrilled that Love Cake have created two Savoury Mixes to add to their range and created an Egg Substitute which is perfect to be able to use with all of their mixes that require eggs.

  • Sensational Savoury Muffin Mix 

    These savoury muffins are a lunchbox favourite! So quick and easy to make, just add vegetable oil, eggs and Darifree Milk Alternative or rice milk. Then throw in fresh herbs, any any veges you like, top them with seeds for a tasty healthy, snack packed with goodness! Unbeatable warm from the oven and spread with butter!

    You can make these egg free using Love Cake egg substitute.

  • Sensational Scone Mix 

    This Sensational scone mix is so quick and easy to make. Just blitz for few seconds in your food processor with Darifree milk alternative or rice milk and oil.  They are wonderful plain with your favourite jam and cream; savoury with cheese and herbs, or sweet with dates or raisins.. or any other way you like! 

  • Egg Substitute 

    Love Cake Egg Substitute is ideal for replacing eggs in baked goods such as cakes, slices, biscuits, muffins, waffles, batters and dressings. For each egg being replaced simply use 2 teaspoons of Egg Sub and 2 tablespoons of liquid; (water, fruit juice or Darifree Milk Alternative).  Blend liquid and Egg Substitute until thick and fluffy and add to recipe as you would eggs.

    Perfect for those Love Cake mixes that require Eggs! 


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